Denver is Open for Business!

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Green Worldwide is pleased to announce the opening of our 8th office in the United States, in Denver, Colorado!

The Denver branch will be responsible for sales and operation in the states of Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The office is headed by Mr. Brendon Kelly who comes with an extensive background in freight forwarding and management.

As an independent freight forwarder and customs broker, we have a unique position in the market place with a national coverage of wholly-owned offices and strategic agent relationships globally. We are thrilled to have our Denver office fully operational and look forward to offering the midwest the very best in shipping and logistics.

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Why an Independent Logistics Company is the Best Fit for Growing Businesses

Teachingis thegreatest actof optimism.

As the challenges in a growing supply chain increase, it is important to rely on a company with the expertise to design and implement solutions that have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Private, independent logistics companies provide the same manpower, expertise, and technology that large, publicly held providers do; however, private, independent providers can offer what larger providers cannot: personable, dedicated service, that holds the highest respect for clients, vendors, and employees.

Growing businesses require flexible providers. Highly trained logistics specialists, dedicated employees, and close contact with management and ownership allow for focused, direct service that can change as a business’ needs change. By utilizing advanced software applications to create superior and efficient service, we add value for clients through improved coordination, integration, and analytic capabilities.

Private, independent logistics companies, such as Green Worldwide, also create strategic alliances with reliable partners who share the same high-quality standards to service a growing business’ logistic needs. Partnering with these experts allows for depth and expertise that large, public companies cannot offer.

Furthermore, it is important to work with a company that matches the culture and needs of your business. Large, public companies service thousands of businesses and individuals and provide generic and impersonal service. If your business has high standards in regards to ethics, integrity, and sustainability, why not work with a logistics provider that shares these same values? An independent company, such as Green Worldwide, provides a peaceful state-of-mind when it comes to accountability and responsibility in your growing supply chain. You know we share your values, but you cannot be sure that a large, public company is the same.

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Alaska Cargo Specialists

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Green Worldwide recently facilitated the delivery of large shipbuilding materials to the beautiful Ketchikan, Alaska. Our team worked diligently with our Chinese counterpart to ensure every detail was covered from origin to final delivery.

We shipped the freight break bulk to a new (private) cargo terminal in British Columbia and unloaded direct by ship’s gear to our barge alongside the ship in concert with permission from the Canadian authorities. In turn, the barge entered U.S. waters with permission from Homeland Security and delivered direct to the customer’s pier in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Everything went smooth and resulted in a high-level of satisfaction for all respective parties. This is another example of the wide scope of services offered by Green Worldwide and our commitment to ensuring that all shipments are handled in a highly competent manner. 

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