Tapping the Next Generation


Green Worldwide Shipping LLC is pleased to support and participate in the Harper College Apprenticeship Program.

Offering an opportunity for education that goes well beyond the classroom, the program allows potential student candidates to receive real-life experience as well as tuition support and a steady income while earning their certification.

Several programs are offered through Harper College including Logistics and Supply Chain Management.   The candidates participate in a challenging course study two days a week with the balance of their time in the office putting what they learn to work.  We are pleased that Harper has decided to include this curriculum allowing the next generation of supply chain professionals an avenue to learning the trade that most of us never had.

This program is a testament to the strength, importance, and growth of the supply chain industry.   By participating, Green Worldwide is giving back to the community and gaining an employee who will be educated under the joint culture of Harper College and Green Worldwide.

picture1Through the program, we met with several qualified candidates and are pleased to have Tavius Collins join our team in Chicago.   We are looking forward to helping him grow in his knowledge and experience and become another “long-timer” with Green Worldwide providing superior customer service to our growing client base.

Visit the Harper College website for more information on the college and the apprenticeship program.

For more information about our company and our values, visit our website, or connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


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