Port Stories: Port of Savannah

Port Story- Savannah

Both the Port of Savannah and the colony of Georgia were founded in the winter of 1733 by the Englishman James Oglethorpe. In 1744, the first dock for ocean-going ships was constructed in Savannah. By the late 18th century, Savannah became a bustling port. From there, Agricultural products were sent abroad, and in return came goods from the old world. By 1876, imports and exports through Savannah totaled $70 million.

During World War II, Port of Savannah played a significant role in the war effort. The shipyard constructed a fleet of 88 ships that carried troops, arms, and supplies to U.S. and Allied forces in all theaters of the war. In 1945, the port was taken over by Georgia Port Authority, who operate the port today.

Today, Port of Savannah is the largest single container terminal in North America and the second busiest U.S. container exporter. The port contributes $84.1 billion in sales (9.6% of Georgia’s total sales) and accounts for 8.4% of Georgia’s total employment. The largest imports and exports are base metals used for commercial and industrial application.

Additionally, the Port of Savannah is one of the most efficient ports in the world.

The deep water ports are perfectly positioned to handle a growing export market. Georgia Ports Authority is committed to conducting port operations in an efficient and environmentally respectful manner. We continually improve our operations and facilities with these goals in mind. See what we are doing around the Port to protect and preserve the surrounding wetlands, to reduce emissions and to help our community. —gaports.com

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Cool Cargo: Beer!

Cool Cargo (2)Our New York City branch has been handling joint shipments of beer from the United States for some time now, but this week they had the opportunity to do something pretty special.

Green Worldwide NYC moved three separate air shipments from three different breweries in the Northeast to Copenhagen for Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen, a beer festival celebrating some of the best breweries from around the globe.

The three US Breweries that they were privileged to ship for work to create some of the world’s top 100 beverages. One of the beers they shipped is currently ranked seventh in the world.


The festival’s lineup

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NEWS: April Automotive Body Parts Press Delivery

automotive pressIn April, Green Worldwide arranged the delivery of a complete Automotive Body Parts Press in the southeastern United States. The disassembled Press shipped in seven oversized wooden crates with weights up to 320,000 pounds (145 Metric Tons).

After the seven units shipped to the Port of Savannah, the 320,000 pound ‘Crown’ loaded onto a 20-axle Dual-Lane truck, and the 200,000-pound ‘Bed’ loaded onto a 19-axle trailer. Both the Bed and Crown required night moves and the 500km trips were completed in just two nights.

Below is a gallery of photos from the move.

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