Summer Internship Spotlight: Sales Intern Adante’ Aguilar

This summer, Green Worldwide Shipping is privileged to have some wonderful interns working hard to learn the ins and outs of the industry. We’ve interviewed them to find out all they have learned so far on their break from school. Sun, sand, and the shipping industry– what else do you need for a great summer?

Adante’ Aguilar is a rising senior at the University of Tenessee, where he studies Supply Chain Management and Marketing.  He works under Thomas Nolan, National Sales Director, as Green Worldwide’s Sales and Marketing Intern.


Adante’ chose Sales and Marketing because he enjoys connecting, communicating, and negotiating with clients. He also likes the fact that sales and marketing offer numerous opportunities for growth and upward movement.

So far, this summer, Adante’ has learned the essential core to creating sales leads and initiating contact with companies to help build a relationship, and that the shipping and logistics industry is one of the most important factors in the American economy.

One fun fact about Adante’ is that he is bilingual, and can speak both English and Spanish. Besides his internship, Adante’ has spent his summer fishing and golfing, as well as going to music festivals. His favorite lunch spot in Decatur is Fellini’s Pizza, and when asked if he preferred the beach, lake, or pool, he responded that he loves the beach.

Finally, we asked where Adante’ sees himself in five years time, to which he responded that he will be retired, fishing on the beach. To which we say, good luck with that!

To learn more about opportunities with Green Worldwide, visit our website, or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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