Cool Cargo: Teamwork Charter

Over Memorial Day weekend, Green Worldwide’s Miami and Houston branches worked together to charter a Boeing 767 Freighter to Panama – an oil tanker was in dire need of an additive for petroleum fuels. Our Houston office received the phone call Saturday morning at 10:45 Central that product was needed in Panama for Monday morning. By 2:45 PM we had the solution. No commercial aircraft would be able to meet the deadline so a charter solution was provided. To add a little twist, the cargo being Haz Mat had to be re-packed to comply with IATA regulations and we would need our Haz Mat packer to inspect and label prior to pickup.

By 7:30 PM Saturday we had the go-ahead. Sunday morning at 1:15 AM, the re-packing and re-labeling were completed and the team driven truck loaded for the 1200-mile drive to Miami. Sunday all shipping documents were prepared and the truck’s progress closely monitored during the day and evening. The truck arrived at our Miami warehouse at 01:55 AM Monday where our Miami Branch Manager and Warehouse lead were ready to transload to our local approved truck for delivery to the airport. The transloading and delivery to the airport was completed in record time at 02:33. The B767F took off at 08:07 AM and landed in Panama City at 9:28 AM local time prior to the vessel berthing.

Both the Miami and Houston branches exhibited a can-do attitude, and always said ‘no problem’ when faced with challenges on this tricky shipment. They showed the genuine meaning of Green Teamwork, and the client, as well as the rest of the Green family, was extremely impressed with their hard work.


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