Green Worldwide Powers, Falls City

Falls City, Nebraska may be in a prime location of America’s heartland for residents, but faces interesting logistics challenges when transporting a 140,000 kgs (308,644 lbs.) generator set. Destined for the Falls City power plant, this shipment of a generator, 13 containers, and various other breakbulk cargo delivered the city’s second generator set in an effort to expand its power generation capability.

green-worldwide-powers-falls-city4Green Worldwide Shipping, an Atlanta-based freight forwarder and Customs broker, arranged the ocean freight routing of the generator from Finland to Houston, TX.  From there, the cargo was moved by an 8-axle rail car 1,540 kms (925 miles) to a rail yard approximately 1.6 kms (1 mile) from the Falls City power plant.  Next, the generator was transferred by gantry crane from the rail car to a 13-axle self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) and finally moved to the site.

But the logistics challenges didn’t end there; the site itself posed a unique set of challenges.  Because of the limited amount of space in and around the building, the SPMT was parked parallel to the building and the machinery was unloaded sideways and then slid 90 degrees into the building, where it was lowered into the foundation and its final resting place.

The additional generator set will add up to 10 MW of power for the residents and businesses of Falls City.  Green Worldwide is proud of its team and the chance to be part of a cargo project that develops local communities.

Need help with Project Cargo?  Contact your local Green team by emailing, visit our website, or connect with us on TwitterLinkedIn, or Facebook.


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