The Great (Green) American Eclipse

On August 21st, millions of Americans paused to look up into the sky and witness first total solar eclipse in the continental U.S. in 38 years. While Green offices were not in the path of totality, our Atlanta, Seattle, and Denver branches were able to see it at 90%.

That means, for a few minutes, Green Worldwide offices saw dark skies, similar to a sunset. Restaurant and outside lights came on, cicadas started chirping, and birds fell silent. In Georgia, some employees noticed the temperature on their phones fall from 91° Fahrenheit to a low 80°.

The Great American Eclipse only lasted for a few minutes, and the Green family quickly got back to work, but it was incredible to take a few moments to pause, look up, and enjoy the amazing wonders of our universe.

Below: photos of the Seattle branch of Green Worldwide enjoying the eclipse.




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