Green Worldwide Reaffirms UN Global Compact Commitment to Sustainability

Green Worldwide Shipping, a leading, Atlanta-headquartered provider of international logistics and Customs brokerage, proudly reaffirmed its commitment to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact initiative, releasing its first communication on progress since joining in 2016.  Green Worldwide believes in a firm foundation of respect for all stakeholders – including vendors, customers, and employees – but especially for the global environment and generations to come. Continue reading Green Worldwide Reaffirms UN Global Compact Commitment to Sustainability


Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day 2016 is here!

Green Worldwide is built on a firm foundation of respect—for our employees and for our customers—but especially for our earth. We want to respect our environment to keep it clean and beautiful for generations to come.

In a new era of a globalized world, Sustainability is an issue that affects all of us. At Green Worldwide, we strive towards Sustainable business practices for our company and for our clients. The Green Worldwide team is dedicated to seeking out and implementing innovative and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Together, through close partnerships and through creating awareness, we will attain our goals for a global, green supply chain.

We hope you enjoy Earth Day 2016! Get outside and enjoy our gorgeous planet!