Green Worldwide Project Cargo Purifies Water

Purifying water in the middle of a desert can be a logistical challenge, and exactly what a leading, Las Vegas-based water packing and purification producer tasked the project cargo team at Green Worldwide Shipping. Continue reading Green Worldwide Project Cargo Purifies Water


Green Worldwide Powers, Falls City

Falls City, Nebraska may be in a prime location of America’s heartland for residents, but faces interesting logistics challenges when transporting a 140,000 kgs (308,644 lbs.) generator set. Destined for the Falls City power plant, this shipment of a generator, 13 containers, and various other breakbulk cargo delivered the city’s second generator set in an effort to expand its power generation capability. Continue reading Green Worldwide Powers, Falls City

NEWS: April Automotive Body Parts Press Delivery

automotive pressIn April, Green Worldwide arranged the delivery of a complete Automotive Body Parts Press in the southeastern United States. The disassembled Press shipped in seven oversized wooden crates with weights up to 320,000 pounds (145 Metric Tons).

After the seven units shipped to the Port of Savannah, the 320,000 pound ‘Crown’ loaded onto a 20-axle Dual-Lane truck, and the 200,000-pound ‘Bed’ loaded onto a 19-axle trailer. Both the Bed and Crown required night moves and the 500km trips were completed in just two nights.

Below is a gallery of photos from the move.

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Cool Cargo: Heavy Load in Heavy Snow


Green Worldwide has just moved two Cookers weighing 85,000 pounds (each!) from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, to a Biogas facility in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

At 2,950 miles, the move took the loads across nearly the entire width of Canada. The massive cargo was loaded in Rotterdam on two 40’FR and were transloaded to flatbed equipment at Halifax Port. The two units arrived in Lethbridge on December, 3rd after 9 days on the road and under some snow storms.

Check out pictures of the Cookers’ journey!

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Alaska Cargo Specialists

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Green Worldwide recently facilitated the delivery of large shipbuilding materials to the beautiful Ketchikan, Alaska. Our team worked diligently with our Chinese counterpart to ensure every detail was covered from origin to final delivery.

We shipped the freight break bulk to a new (private) cargo terminal in British Columbia and unloaded direct by ship’s gear to our barge alongside the ship in concert with permission from the Canadian authorities. In turn, the barge entered U.S. waters with permission from Homeland Security and delivered direct to the customer’s pier in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Everything went smooth and resulted in a high-level of satisfaction for all respective parties. This is another example of the wide scope of services offered by Green Worldwide and our commitment to ensuring that all shipments are handled in a highly competent manner. 

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